Wednesday 29 June 2016
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A New Kind of Online Art School

Art, Learning, Motivation, Youth Advocacy, All Round place to Enjoy the gift of Learning!

This campaign is the start of a new journey.  One in which I am hoping to have an incredible success and to share that with many of you.  I have been an Artist all my life and aim to share those Works and Inspirations and to give a boost to those who wish to pursue the Arts as well.  I have 15 yrs exp. in TV and Film, so I certainly know my stuff, but still always a student.  My aim is to create an online Art School, filled with useful Tutorials in both traditional Arts (life drawing etc.) and aspects of Animation and Design.  I don’t imagine it to be easy to build a school, but certainly how many things are as important to youth or anyone then learning.  I ask that you help me build this New School of the Arts online, and lets see what happens!  Thank you.

An example: Remembering Nelson Mandela,

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can choose to change the World” 

Primarily, the funds are in  order to cover my basic monthly expenses as I devote time to prepare material, Art, Video Tutorials, Promotion, and most importantly a brand new Highly Interactive Website which can house all the material, provide a portal that can expand into something of the like of a School setting where people esp. Children can login and partake in classes and interact with myself and get good instruction.  I do plan to move beyond this ofcourse with making this site interactive in the sense that active members can post their work, share their stories, embrace each others gifts, talk about things that inspire them and where I can Also, update them in latest Tech, Apps that apply, Learning Methods*.



I had been a Professor of Animation at a local Toronto College, George Brown; as well as having taught privately.  My experiences with youth, and very importantly my own experiences with multiple approaches to learning, has given me Valuable insight as to what WORKS…

This is where its at… Education is what I’ve concentrated on most my life.  It is the way to a prosperous future, and its what kids need if they too want to move beyond the basic living standards…  but also, an outlet for all the emotions that come with being Human.
Thank you for your time to read this.  If you cannot contribute, that is fair, I would just ask then if you could use the Indiegogo share tools.

About Project Creator:

Lawrence Choi

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Lawrence Choi is a professional Artist/Animator residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a successful career working in television and film for over 14 years. After having been awarded three scholarships at age 17, he began his official pursuit of the arts at the world-renowned animation school, Sheridan College, Cont. at Seneca College. Nothing however compared to the School of life. After much trials and travels… I know my way and I know how to contribute… this is it.


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