Tuesday 28 June 2016
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14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary & Mini Album​

1 Couple in 2 different parts of the world, Trying to make it back to each other again.


A young couple from Bangalore, India and Michigan, USA are doing something very unique to make it back to each.

The 14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary and mini-album is a project of love for the Uncommon Couple. The documentary film is a unique perspective of a young black American living and traveling through India, in search of a new perspective to life. The Documentary is the first of a series, which aims at promoting a more positive approach to life for young black Americans, by showcasing, by example, the opportunity to choose a global perspective and understand the world outside of the streets.

This Documentary aims,

To debunk stereotypes upheld by the media when it comes to both cultures- the Black American and the Indian way of life. The 14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary is a real life story of an Indian and a Black American experiencing their difference in the Indian backdrop.

The 14 Night’s in Bangalore mini-album is a result of the documentary, as The Uncommon Couple, express their love and their story through an original album that brings together their different sounds.

Both the Documentary and the mini-album will be filmed, directed, edited, and composed respectively, by The Uncommon Couple.

It takes 8000 miles, two counties and 3 years of hard work to create, The Uncommon Couple. This young duo from Bangalore, India, and Michigan, USA have had one long journey apart, with one heck of a story to tell.

Joshua and Neha have been apart for three long years, and now, they’re trying to make it back to each other. But they’re doing it with what they call their “Love Project and second baby”, the 14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary and Mini-Album. The 14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary is a one of a kind perspective of a young black American man, as he lives in a new country and discovers life in a place where guns aren’t a threat, while simultaneously debunking all the myths and stereotypes people have when it comes to a country like India.

In order for this documentary to come to life, Joshua and Neha have started their Campaign The 14 Nights in Bangalore Documentary and Mini-Album on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. Launched strategically around Black History Month, The Uncommon Couple want to highlight the importance of a global perspective, as a means to break-away from the endless struggles faced by young Black Americans to get out of their circumstances and live and dream different.

This project is the first of a series planned by The Uncommon Couple, as a means to help promote positivity and possibilities of a better life amongst young black Americans.

Josh and Neha need all the support they can, not just to make this project happen, but also, so that Josh can travel to India with his pet dog Duke, and not leave him behind when he leaves the country.


About Project Creator:

Joshua Saxton and Neha Nambiar

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Joshua is a film enthusiast and a musician from Michigan U.S.A, while Neha is an advertising enthusiast from Bangalore India. Both Josh and Neha have managed their long distance relationship for the last three years with nothing but technology bridging the distance.


After meeting for 14 nights in Bangalore in the summer of 2015, Josh and Neha organically gave birth to the current project- 14 Nights in Bangalore- the Documentary and Mini Album.

Joshua and Neha are partners, lovers and best friends who have, in the last three years, written a screenplay together, made music, and conceptualized and facilitated the first picture day for the Cassopolis Junior Rangers Basketball team for the year 2015, all from being 8000 miles away from each other.

This is a power couple. A dream team come to life, who believe that life is like college, and you have to work hard to graduate to the next level.

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