Wednesday 29 June 2016
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GIMAGE Clothing: 1st to Mix Urban and Rural Culture

GIMAGE Clothing is a new clothing line that combines the urban and rural cultures together. We take images and themes from rural areas, such as the Hudson Valley and convert it to a New York City-like flavor design.

GIMAGE was started in order to give people a unique look while representing the area they are from. In addition, it also helps those who live in areas that are surrounded by both cultures. For instance, some people who live in New York City often vacation in the Hudson Valley for it’s beautiful scenery and artistic towns.

GIMAGE is asking for funds in order to start production. We’ve received many requests for our shirts and we can’t wait to get them out to those who want them! If GIMAGE continues to be successful, we will add hats, hoodies, socks and more to our list of products. In addition, we hope to donate to nature attractions such as the Dover Stone Church or donate product to those who have trouble affording clothing.


About Project Creator:


I’m Gregory Camillone and I’m the founder and creator of an urban clothing line inspired by the Hudson Valley called GIMAGE. As a resident of the Hudson Valley, I was always surrounded by rural apparel and scenery. Preferring a more urban style, I  struggled to find clothing that satisfied my taste. During the summer of 2015, I came up the with idea of mixing the rural beauty of the Hudson Valley with the urban look and feel of New York City.

GIMAGE is a clothing line that portrays images and themes that represent the Hudson Valley region. Using my photo editing and photo shopping skills, I alter my designs to provide an urban flavor.

GIMAGE is unique because of the location it’s based from and the artwork it displays.

Our motto is, “Be Unique,” because it is important that we are our own individual. GIMAGE’s goal is to give every customer a chance to wear their taste and display their personality. We don’t want to be among the other current trends. GIMAGE strives to stand out by being different. Our body is our canvas and we have the right to choose how we decorate it.


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