Tuesday 28 June 2016
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Besee Bike Light:-The Multipurpose Bike Light

BESEE Bike Light, the waterproof light, with a built-in power bank gadget-charger and universal smartphone holder.

BESEE have created and launched a new creative, smart accessory designed for cyclists that is called BESEE Bike Light.

This product is primarily designed to help the cyclists to avoid getting harmed and injured when they are on the road. They can use this bike light to make themselves more visible and seen by car drivers on the roads.

The all new BESEE Bike Light is not just something that will give light and improved visibility for cyclist on the road, but it can also be used as a mobile phone holder. This product is portable, multi-featured and a powerful device which can be used as a universal phone holder which lets cyclist keep their phone safely on their bikes positioned right in their front of them so they are able to use it as either a navigation system or a cycling app. It comes with a built-in power bank charging gadget which cyclist can use to recharge their phone while they are on the road.

BESEE is a company located in Birmingham, United Kingdom there mission is to create and design new and unique smart accessories and cycling accessories to help cyclist be more visible on the road.

We’re talking about the BESEE Bike Light, a powerful and multi-feature light that:

• Is a universal smartphone holder that allows you to safely keep your phone on your bike, right in front of you, and use it as a cycling app or navigation system.You can also record your cycling journey with your phone.

• Has a built-in power bank gadget-charger that will keep your phone’s battery from dying off;

• It’s a 15-degree flashlight that provides more light than any flashlight, and that lasts for 15 hours;

• And it’s a bike light that is also waterproof, and that has one charging line, 4 mobile connectors and other gadget inputs – with all the cords and inputs kept secured and waterproof-covered.

In the process of developing a number of new smart cycling gadgets, we created the BESEE Bike Light, a truly multi-feature smart light that is designed to increase the levels of safety and comfort to cyclists and other outdoors enthusiasts.

The BESEE Bike Lights supplies one charging line and 4 mobile connectors for iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, micro use cable and mini USB cable.

The BESEE Bike Light can act as a normal bike light – but its features are way beyond normal: they’re quite extraordinary.

This is truly a smart multi-purpose light that cyclists, outdoors enthusiasts and adventurers will not do without.

Finally, to make it even better, the BESEE Bike Light comes with a built-in SOS red light signal that can be seen by rescuers from some kilometers away.

Its li-polymer battery is also greener and lighter for outdoor use. The light can be quickly charged on a laptop/computer or on a normal wall socket/plug (with an UBS port).

Besee have launched their product on Kick-Starter and consumers can take advantage of the Early Bird Prices on their Kick-Starter campaign at:


About Project Creator:

Jay Carty

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We are a new and exciting company that aims to create innovative smart cycling accessories which will help cyclist like us to be more visible and seen by others on the road. If you agree, please support us.


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