Friday 30 June 2017
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Flamensky remains for hearty, fantastic, expressive, cozy and energetic. The birthplace lies in flamenco, which has been affected after some time by different styles and individual assurance. The guitarist Rainer Maria Zehetbauer has built up his own particular style with assistance from flamenco guitarist, Carlos Piñana. It is similarly as critical for him to safeguard the power and reality of the custom and to reveal its mysteries. The term guitarist falls considerably short of Rainer Maria Zehetbauer. He is involved in chamber music, devotes his time to the flamenco scene but this regular concerts with the flamenco guitarist Carlos Piñana confirm various projects, such as the cooperation of “dance ability”, or Bailaoras are very dear to him. Thus it offers a huge oeuvre as a guitarist. His own arrangements are enhanced by his associate’s readiness to explore in the trust of picking up a radical new stable. The bright group incorporates the percussionist Chris Stanger, the clarinetist Oscar Antoli, the musician and accordionist Christian Jelicic, and the flute player Fabian Franco Ramirez. The artists consolidate a dependable fellowship and participation. Flamensky is right now taking a shot at their introduction collection and routinely perform shows.

The funds collected from the crowdfunding campaign will be used in:

  • Recording and post-processing
  • Production and printing costs
  • A professional photo shoot
  • Promotion

By contributing towards this crowd funding campaign you will be able to receive different rewards such as personalize postcard with the signature of band members or a concert poster with signatures.
Have a look at the Wemakeit link below for more information:

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