Monday 28 November 2016
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Zoose - Worlds smallest smart portable phone charger + Dock

Null PTY LTD brings you ZOOSE, the worlds smallest 500 MAH portable iPhone / USB micro phone charger with built in connector tips

Introducing ZOOSE by Null PTY LTD

Zoose is the world’s smallest 500 mah portable charger with built in connector tip (models available for Various Micro USB devices & Apple Lightning Devices). No charger cable needed! ZOOSE HAS IT ALL.

Zoose has a re-chargeable 500 mah battery is designed to give you around 25% extra battery capacity (based on iPhone 6).

Zoose has been designed to be there when you need it.
Had a busy day? No charger in sight? Need to make that urgent phone call? Send that important text? Lost and need to use your phones GPS with the battery dropping critically low?

How Zoose Works?

Simply flick your Zoose on and charge with a micro USB cable or supplied four unit dock station, this should only take around 30 minutes. Once Zoose starts showing a solid green LED light, its ready to go! Flick off the power retaining switch, clip it back onto your keyring and its there when you need it! Once used, simply swap one Zoose for another or re-charge!

Why the power retaining switch? We have designed Zoose specifically to get the most out of the battery, with the power retaining switch, it cuts off the circuit to the battery so you reduce battery capacity loss, this prolongs the charge retention so you are never caught out with a flat Zoose!

This way when you want to juice your device up, just flick the power retaining switch on and plug into your phone like you would any other charger! Watch it go!

As you can see above Zoose is available for Apple’s lightning devices & Androids micro USB + various other micro USB devices!

Zoose is based upon convenience and simplicity, this is why we have made re-charging your devices as easy as possible with our four unit dock station, leave your Zoose dock station plugged into a USB port, plug and go your Zoose chargers as you need!

Null PTY LTD has thrown a lot of research into designing Zoose and making it an easy to use and fantastic product.
About Project Creator:

Adam James Taylor

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Zero PTY LTD is an Australian based company designs and did Develops high quality tech goods & applications for a variety of Apple and Samsung products.

Founded in 2015 by a driven team of Engineers and Developers, Nulls aim is to bring new technology, applications and products to life.
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