Wednesday 21 December 2016
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‘Every Day Is The Same’ - Limited Giclee Prints

Help fund a limited run of Art Prints by BiccyMonster. Sourced for quality; a beautiful character tapestry with a dark theme.

A freelance illustrator; my ‘days’ are often passed by focusing a pencil on character design and illustration. The same four walls my only company as I chain-drink hot beverages into the early hours of the morning. A new brief may introduce variety into my thoughts, but my daily rituals are a matter of routine.

That is the inspiration for this illustration - ‘Every Day Is The Same’

Composed in a series of poses that convey the apathy of one’s own existence, I created a character in a piece of artwork that is particularly close to my heart.

This is a project to raise the funding to produce a beautiful set of Giclee art prints for people to enjoy in their homes. Limited to fifty that will ever be made, each piece will be hand signed and numbered to create something to be appreciated.
About Project Creator:

Daniel Ashley Lee

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Daniel Lee (aka Biccy Monster) is a freelance illustrator working from East London, UK. Drawing influence from film, animation, and the retro computer games of his youth; Daniel has developed a distinctive hand, creating diverse characters with flare and personality.
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