Thursday 29 June 2017
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Neckpacker - travel jacket with patented built-in pillow

Neckpacker™ jackets and vests have all the usual bells and whistles you want in your travel wearables, including specifically tailored pockets for your tickets, passport, iPad, etc.

Groundbraking sleeping comfort

Most importantly though, we’ve incorporated something completely new and unique: a patented hood system with a buitl-in inflatable pillow.

We grabbed strangers off the street on Hollywood Blvd, LA, and asked them to try Neckpacker. Check out their reactions!

Created by real travel-aficionados

We developed the Neckpacker hood system for ourselves and for our fellow tourists. We all travel often. We all wanted our travel items within easy reach plus we all wanted to be able to relax, rest, and sleep upright comfortably on planes, trains, cars whenever we were ready.

Supreme comfort

According to studies, the patented Neckpacker pillow + its support-strap system is a huge leap compared with traditional travel pillows. It fully eliminates stress on the cervical spine and relieves tensions of the shoulder- and neck-area muscles. It is so efficient in supporting and relaxing the cervical area, that it has been successfully tested also for neck-area rehabilitation for strapped neck muscles.

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