Friday 30 June 2017
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Zero Dark Thirty: Watches that make a difference

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Zero Dark Thirty is a watch brand that honors the men and women who serve our country as EMS, Police, Firefighters, and Military.

Our journey began with a desire to create beautifully designed and bold watches, while building a strong and giving company. We have worked hard creating strong and eye catching designs and getting as much feedback as we could. But in our design process we knew that we didn’t just want to make watches that looked great and were high quality. We wanted to do something more, we wanted to be something more. Because of that desire to be something more we began to look around our communities and began asking our self “who can we help and honor with these watches, and why?” We began to look to those who serve our communities as fire fighters, police officers, EMS, and military personnel.

We saw that these men and women risk life and limb for people they don’t ever know. They put their lives on the line running into burning buildings, stopping rogue gunmen, pulling victims from car accidents, and fighting in service of our country. Discovering our passion and heart behind these watches, we began to get increasingly inspired and had more and more people want to help. We knew we could make a difference, but with your help we can put our plan into action and begin to help and honor those who serve it. For more information about who we are and why we do what we do, please visit our website

Our Name:

Zero Dark Thirty is used as a way to say, when everyone is asleep, or when no one wants to go out, when it is inconvenient, the men and women who serve our communities are willing and ready to go on our behalf. They put their lives on hold in emergencies and serve others.

Our Logo:

Yes we think our logo looks strong and cool, but there is more behind the image we chose. The skull represents all the men and women who have paid that ultimate sacrifice. We wanted to honor them in a way that shows their sacrifice and our individuality.

Our Designs:

The Entrepreneur Series

The Entrepreneur has a clean and classic chronograph design. We were inspired by the clean and stylish look of the new business man. We wanted to provide a watch that could be worn during all occasions.

The Assassin Series

The Assassin is a beautiful bold black chronograph design. We wanted to create a bigger watch, and a bold statement. Created with a clean outer bezel and an all black brushed steel housing and band we were able to create a beautiful watch that will stand the test of time. This watch is perfect for a night on the town, but also still has the clean look to wear on the job.

About Project Creator:

Fozzy Miller

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Zero Dark Thirty was started by Fozzy Miller who is an artist and designer at heart. He has always loved watches, but could never afford them. In college, Fozzy had a heart to effect change whether globally or locally leading him to acquire a degree in missions. While a youth pastor at his church, he was continually seeking ways to give back to his community and serve people.

He began designing watch faces for fun and started researching the watch market and watches in his price range. He noticed that there were great watch designs and companies, but nothing that had a purpose more than fashion or profit. As time went on, Fozzy became more aware that the men and women who serve our country largely go unappreciated and forgotten. That is where his idea for Zero Dark Thirty began.

Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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