Friday 30 June 2017
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Super Bull: A 4-in-1 light for outdoor enthusiasts

Super Bull is an innovative light specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts to cope with different outdoor environments, it combines 3 different types of lighting sources to meet all kinds of illumination needs; plus a backup battery supply to keep all your devices easily charge on the go.

4 tools in 1 device to make everyday outdoor trips easier & more convenient, especially for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts to travel around.

Super Bull includes a base unit and 2 tops plug-in units which combined to form a 360-degree light or a wide-angle light. The base unit LED bulb shines over 100 lumens and last for at least 20 hours without dropping light intensity. A 360-degree light shines over 100 lumens in all angles also last for 20 hours without dropping light intensity. The wide-angle light provides a wider viewing angle with super bright light over 300 lumens specially designed for cyclists to ride at night as well as for security night guards.

The base unit body of Super Bull is made from metal Aluminum case with different shinny color options and a strong surface resistant to fading, wear and corrosion.

Digital Oasis is founded by a team of experienced product designers and engineers in electronic gadgets design and development for many years. The company has previously launched another project CELLO – a smarter phone battery in Kickstarter and was successfully funded.

Super Bull was launched in Indiegogo for funding until Mid-April, backers may get early bird price with over 50% discount of MSRP.
Indiegogo campaign link:

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