Tuesday 29 November 2016
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NEW MUSIC PLATFORM - Helping Talented Music Artists

Music artists deserve an audience - Support Chant La Bon, to help support great music - New Music Platform to help talented artists.

Chant La Bon is a founded by Singer/Songwriter Tracey Arbon.

This new music platform is about giving all Australian and New Zealand artists a professional platform for exposure. And expanding the model world wide. Incorporating artists own music news and sharing their personal stories to fans, while linking all artists together according to genre.

Linking established artists of similar genre to those who are new or not so established artists, helping to provide fans information on new music and artists.

Not only will this help the artists, but the fans and people struggling to find and search for good music through large streamlining services.

As well as providing music details of artist performances and links in giving free exposure to various Australian music artists, a tips page regularly featuring professional music personnel, giving tips and advise to the artists themselves.

A subscription page is available in which will subscribers will receive monthly newsletters on who’s being featured next on our Music Talks page, as well as offering free giveaways and more.

Funds are needed to help with the promotion, acquiring established artists stories, and the initial set up and advertising associated with new businesses and projects. Marketing campaigns are underway through twitter and Facebook to the best of my ability.

I am a big believer of team work, and are taking the ‘Team Work’ element to a much larger scale.

About Project Creator:

Founder of new music platform Chant La Bon. Helping promote Australian music to the world.

Experienced Singer/Songwriter for more than 30 years, re-entering the music world.Last release in 2010, single ‘Life Goes On’, through Chant La Bon.

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