Friday 30 June 2017
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Moxie is an insurance solutions provider which simplifies accessibility to wealth. With its base in South Africa, considered the region with the largest demand for insurance (more than 40% of the insurance needs of the world come from here), Moxie relies on the expertise of professionals with a wealth of experience to open new windows of opportunity in Africa’s insurance market. With the elevator pitch, “Africa’s insurance market a ‘giant waking up’” Moxie seeks to bring revolutionary solutions to the insurance industry. Africa’s insurance market, currently pegged at $70 bn, has estimated premium growth of 40% for 2017.

Providing a competitive advantage with a structure cutting down on operating cost by 50 percent and infrastructure cost lower than 80% as compared to other companies in the ecosystem, Moxie moves beyond the traditional issues confronting insurance in Africa. What makes Moxie unique is the use of advanced UK based cloud insurance technology connecting millions of users through cell phones. In this age of digital connectivity, Moxie taps the smartphone advantage. Proven technology, marketing and business processes at level with global standards makes Moxie worth your time and money. Promoting a regulated industry, with emphasis on compliance, risk and governance, Moxie harnesses technology and over 3 decades of experience to bring next generation insurance solutions to all.
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