Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Moorebot, the coolest animated personal assistant

Cute, expressive and fun. For Home, Work & Shops.

Moorebot is a fully customizable voice interactive robot that delivers tremendous value, convenience and very cool fun to home, business and shops. In addition to be beging a full featured electronic assistant, Moorebot is an entertainer by itself. The simple compact design can fit almost anywhere. With an open platform, the robot behavior can be customized and upgraded, giving it ability to learn. From fun companion to welcome greeter to business assistant, make your own version of Moorebot.

Moorebot can be used in many ways 


Serves as a greeter and customer service agent. Can answer questions about inventory, store layout, daily specials and promotions.


Provide messages and reminders of meetings, read notes and reports, keep track of what is happening at home, cheer you up during boring days at work, create and share video emails, etc.


Singing and dancing entertainer, can sing and dance with kids, can be used for video recording, can play games, provide receipes, service as a timer, keep up with the news and weather, record and share video and still images.

Eye Expression

Eye expression is an important step toward intelligent robot. Moorebot, the magic eye robot abstractly mimics human eye expressions. When it talks, the eye contact is cool, unique, and fun. For security, the robot can only see things when the eye lib opens up which prevents the privacy issues found in other IP camera designs. You don’t have to cover the camera lens with a piece of tape! Set the eye close will not affect other features. Moorebot is not designed for surveillance, obviously.


Cute and Funny

Moorebot 100% follows your orders. Users can tell their own jokes or speak through its funny voice and expression. The eye is wide open when the Moorebot is excited,  closed if it feels bored, and blinking when things are not so sure. Never before, an eye contact becomes such an important feature for a robot. Not just a personal assistant, but a FUN companion!


Moorebot is designed with unique personality and a distinguishing voice. With state-of-art voice recognition engine inside, many voice games are available including spelling bee context, teach and learn, and more. Storytelling and music playing features allow you to access tremendous amount of media online or offline. With music, the “eyeball dance” can make everyone laugh.All interactive patterns including voice content, mechanics, sound effects are open for editing in SDK. Anyone can change it to make better, funnier and more importantly to what you like the robot to be.

Event Recording

Event recording is now hand free and fun. Moorebot takes photos and videos under your voice commands, and tries to capture the best shot for you automatically. Up to 1080p high resolution video with H.264 compression can be stored locally onto micro-SD card, and it is secure.


Peer-to-peer (p2p) connection allows the user to monitor the Moorebot’s environment from any where at any time. Voice-over-IP is also supported. The connection is highly secured. Video content can not be intercepted or decoded.


Teach Moorebot to say the things, or to set alarm and reminder by just talking to it. The open SDK allows user to customize voice content, mechanical movement, LED display and communication based on your own applications. With both WiFi and Zigbee wireless connections, smart home controlling becomes so easy. Cloud based local service, tentatively Amazon Alexa integration for North America are also under development for the user to easily obtain local information such as weather, local news, and more.


Privacy protection is our top priority especially with remotely accessible camera in the robot. The physical eye lib is specifically designed feature to cover camera automatically when unused. The user can easily distinguish whether the camera is on or not. That gives extra consideration to guard our user’s privacy. User can choose to set the eye completely close and will not affect other features. In the current version, Moorebot does not send photos or videos to cloud servers. It stores photos and videos locally onto 2GB on-board flash and the extended micro-SD card up to 32GB. Cloud storage service may launch in the future based on our users’ request.

Upside Down

Moorebot is designed not only to stand on any furniture in the house and look great, but also to be hanged upside down like a bat. It will not effect any motion as the internal structure fully supports that. The robot will flip the image orientation automatically while such posture is sensed.


Moorebot operates on Linux OS 3.4. App for Android users is available at Google Play. The android OS 4.4 and later versions are supported. App for iOS is available at App Store. The iOS 7.0 and later versions are supported.


Moorebot’s behaviors including voice, mechanics, and LED display are controlled by an internal mapping engine. That means it is very easy to achieve customized behavior by altering the mapping. Possibilities are endless. The Moorebot Developer Edition allows you to take control of the robot behavior and design to what you like it to be. With purchase of Moorebot Developer Edition, you will have direct access to full technical support from our team.
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Started as an engineer, I have been a tech lover. But a great product is always more than just the technology. I assembled a team three years ago and focused on complex coordination. Although we have done several large scale IoT projects, Moorebot is our first consumer product. What we have is our passion to create something new. “Be a good listener”, that’s my goal here.
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