Wednesday 21 December 2016
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The Last Collection The Swimwear Reversible On Indiegogo By Ponly Rever

This Indiegogo Project is about the more comfort swimwear when traveling. Security and confidence to control your appearance.

Ponly Rever, designed to provide the comfort you need when traveling as a swimwear is concerned. you do not need a lot of swimsuits in your backpack to look like like, now with this new collection you can feel the sense of change of appearance in the time you want and leave everyone impressed. We have created an incredible collection of travel with a minimalist touch that will make you look special

Unique Features About Ponly Rever

The unique design about Ponly Rever is the reversible feature with all models, allowing these can be used in multiple ways and combinations at any time and place. In addition to this, it promotes comfort when traveling, as it should only take one garment bathroom to get the results anyone needed.

Less time packing

You can prepare your bags in the shortest of time since you only need a piece to get what you offer many.

More saving money

When you go traveling will not need to hire someone to help you carry your bags, all you need to take him in hand backpack.
Better enjoy the scenery

Without having to worry about taking care of your luggage, you will get to know the places you want and dive into rivers, beaches or swimming freely with your hands and your backpack Ponly Rever inside.

Tours without limitation

Having to carry luggage to a safe place and then start touring, it can make you miss opportunities and beautiful moments. The wonderful idea “Many in-one” offers the advantage of being where you want and at the right time.

Pastor Alvarez mentions that “From the beginning it was always our idea to create something unique, creating this collection of swimsuits only it began as two suits of beautiful bathroom but no different to the rest, I detail there. We wanted to have something special, something that would draw attention to that many would notice them. After long hours of work and meetings in our homes, it was at last when one of us ran into a somewhat awkward situation, being in a pool where most people were wearing the same swimsuit was fashionable for just then and she also wore a bathing suit of those, and it was not a parade or anything. Came up with the crazy idea of donning bathing garment inside out and to her surprise, no one noticed. That day was born the idea that our swimsuits were reversible. While we knew that there were more reversible swimsuits on the market, we set out to create something with the same concept, did not want to seek another physical quality to the garment, so we ended up giving sensations”
Let’s join our hands together in making this project successful. Back this project on Indiegogo using the below link,

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