Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Fiona McIntyre: A Tree Within

Waterstones Bookshop in Piccadilly, London will be doing a signing event on 28th October of ‘Fiona McIntyre: A Tree Within’.



  • 120 page beautifully bound hardback on contemporary painter Fiona McIntyre
  • 3 signed limited edition prints by the artist Fiona McIntyre
  • Limited edition print of a painting by 1911 artist Malcolm Drummond
  • Private art tuition with Fiona McIntyre in a stunning location in the Cotswolds, UK
  • Unique opportunity to pledge for acclaimed oil painting and catalogue by the artist
  • Invitation to private view of exhibition at the Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Somerset UK.

‘A Tree Grew Inside My Head’ by Fiona McIntyre

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Fiona McIntyre has steadily built a reputation as an artist worth following over a 35 year period. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art then spent several years at studios in Sweden training with Surrealist printmaker Bertil Lundberg. She completed a Masters of Art at Winchester School of Art and assistantship to master printmaker Masafumi Yamomoto at studios in Barcelona. Her work has evolved from an interest in the figure and landscape to her current passion for trees and she is a member of the contemporary British Arborealists artists who are receiving much acclaim in the UK with several outstanding exhibitions to their name. Fiona has exhibited in more than 40 exhibitions in Scandinavia and the UK, with work in private and public collections. She has considerable teaching experience in drawing, painting and printmaking to post graduate level. Her studio is in the stunning Cotswolds from where she gets much of her inspiration and where she lives with her husband and daughter.

‘Contemporary energetic painter with a profound and poetic response to place, colour and gester…’

The book ‘Fiona McIntyre: A Tree Within is the title of a poem by the Mexican writer Octavio Paz. It is also the starting point of McIntyre’s 35 year journey from Scotland to Scandinavia, Spain and the English Cotswolds. As a fine-art painter her love of the figure, landscape and trees is revealed in an illuminating interview with Canadian art historian Dr. Alan Wilkinson. The book will take readers on an exhilarating exploration of different artistic media and ideas, stimulating environments and poetic insights all of which have influenced Fiona McIntyre’s artistic evolution.

‘She displays a conspicuous passion for her subject that pervades every touch. A highly distinctive and vigorous draughtsmanship is a masterpiece of lyrical and rhythmical design and her vocabulary of forms resonates perfectly with the breadth of handling. Above all Fiona is a consummate colourist in sympathy with Turner, the Scottish Colourists and Hitchens…’

Tim Craven Curator at Southampton City Art Gallery , 2016

‘True to her Scottish origins, the energetic and gestural painter Fiona McIntyre is a colourist, extolling the virtues of painterly spontaneity to capture often elusive effects of multivarious landscapes in flux…This artist’s uncanny mix of cerebral and sensual qualities corresponds with a plethora of influences ranging from immediate family background - McIntyre’s great grandfather was the celebrated Camden Town painter Malcolm Drummond on whom she has lectured with eloquence and insight…’

Peter Davies Writer and art critic in the UK


“Drawing trees teaches us patience and reflectiveness. The longest drawing I have ever done under the same tree took 10 days to complete. By the end of it I felt I had an affinity with that tree - it had become a kindred spirit. In the modern world we spend less time ‘doing nothing’ and have forgotten the importance of reflection and stillness. Spending time drawing in nature reconnects us to the subtle energy of plants and we begin to ‘see’ with greater clarity and perceptiveness.

I hope you will enjoy this book which reveals in its vibrant pages a passion for nature, experimental media, gestural mark-making and the spiralling forms and colours of trees”.

An exceptional 120 page hardback art book with over 100 images of beautiful, expressive paintings, drawings & prints of artist and Arborealist Fiona McIntyre. Features an insightful interview with Dr. Alan Wilkinson. Edition limited to 500 and signed by the artist.

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