Friday 30 June 2017
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Marlon: Stunning, Hyper-Functional Backpacks

Three impossibly simple yet overwhelmingly functional backpacks that will change the way you get around.

Made from the highest grade materials, Marlon backpacks were exclusively designed to simplify your on-the-go lifestyle while keeping you looking sharp.

Typically, backpacks are either stylish but lack features or functional but too technical in appearance. With over 15 must-have features, Marlon backpacks are the perfect compromise, marrying a minimalist aesthetic with maximum functionality.

The baby of the family, the totepack is one of the most innovative backpacks on the market. The lightweight totepack has only the essential features needed for your daily routine so you look great at work but have your essentials with you for when you leave the office. Best of all, it converts from a backpack to tote seamlessly to let you choose the right carry option for the moment. This versatile daily bag is ideal for the office, gym, bar, and everywhere in between.

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