Friday 30 June 2017
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Help RainShine Build a New School in Epi. DR Congo!

The Rain Shine Foundation is an all-volunteer organization and we cannot do our work without your generous support. Founded in 2012, we support schools in the Northeastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their primary project is located in the remote village of Epi which lies along the Uele River 80km north of Amadi, DRC. The Rain Shine Foundation is an IRS recognized nonprofit organization. Currently they operate a primary school in the village of Epi, DRC. Additionally, through the support of their donors, they are able to provide grants to other schools in DR Congo and Uganda for specific projects.

The Rain Foundation is raising assets to help the Epi people group assemble another block school building and later outfit that new block school working with work areas, supplies, showing materials, sun based boards and lights. The organization is working to improve the Congolese School at Epi, including providing the Epi community with a permanent brick structure, proper learning materials, teacher training, laptops, solar panels, and a method of communication with the outside world.

In January 2017, the Rain Shine Foundation sent a group of volunteers and their fellow benefactor Rob Freedman to Epi to set arrangements for development to start. The blocks are almost prepared, the head of Epi has given the land, and clearing of that land has started. The organization can’t make the following strides without your support.

Their true objective is to guarantee a lifetime of learning and achievement and help make it conceivable to teach every kid in Epi and engage them to accomplish their fantasies.
Have a look at the YOUCARING link below for more information:

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