Tuesday 29 November 2016
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3 Simple Steps To Save America - Democracy 3.0

An easy to use educational guide to help America end the power money has over U.S. Politics!

Let’s me show you how easy it is reboot our nations democracy and replace nearly every corrupt or incompetent U.S. Congressperson and Senator up for re-election in just ONE U.S. CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION!

A New Dream For America!

The dream which once was America is fading, but all is far from lost.  Regardless of how painful this past Presidential Primary election has been, we now have a golden opportunity to upgrade our democracy and help it become something beyond our wildest dreams… a nation run by visionary leaders capable of bringing back this American greatness we keep hearing about, leaders who are no longer under the thumb of big money!

My question to you is simple…

What would you do if I could prove there’s a fun, realistic and easy way to apply a solution to our nation’s political quagmire hidden in plain sight?

A way to completely reboot America’s Democracy and replace those leaders who refuse to do the will of the voters they’re supposed to represent!

Would you just write me off or would you stand up to the madness by giving the whole whopping 2 to 3 hours a week needed before the next U.S. election to change the world of U.S Politics as we know it forever?  Or, would you just stand by while doing nothing as our nation descends further into darkness while our leaders and political pundits continue to use bigotry, deception and propaganda to divide us?

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of listening to these political puppets preach one thing while their actions clearly paint an entirely different picture.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Now I know, “It all sounds a little too good to be true.”  I said the same thing when I first stumbled onto the solution several years ago doing research for a project on politics.  Being a research nerd myself, I’ve spent many years going over my findings, and, the results are in… there really is a process which can make democracy work for the people once American learns how to use it properly.  We just need to re-evaluate how we look at U.S. Politics and remember we are all on the same team regardless of how much those in power try to divide us!

The reality is the powers that be have spent a great deal of time and money to keep us ignorant to the many ways our democratic process can actually work for the American people.  Distracting us to keep Americans angry and scared as they’ve successfully conditioned a nation to give up our freedoms while many believe we are helpless to do anything about it when we are anything but.

After all, if America woke-up and realized an easy to apply solution to this political insanity was readily available all along, there’s a pretty solid chance the politicians they bought wouldn’t be employed anymore now would they…

Mission Possible

The truth is there are already many many people and organizations out there fighting the good fight as they aspire to help the people of America see the realities of our world.  People feverishly trying to educate others so we can all rise up and put the power back into the hands of the voters.  I simply plan to share with you how they inspired me while showing you who they are, what they are doing and how easy it is to overcome this problem we all fear…this is a fight we can win!

So, after years’ worth of research under my belt, I decided to take what little spare time I’ve had over these past several years with my kids climbing all over me, stealing my keys from my computer (Yes! I’m still looking for some keys…lol), etc. to create an easy to read 55+ page educational book.  All to try and give the nation I love the inspiration, knowledge and tools it needs to finally get America back on track by replacing nearly every corrupt/inept U.S. Congressperson and Senator with leaders who will vote the will of the people over all else.
About Project Creator:

Adam Devereau

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Having been born into a world that should’ve never existed I’ve learned to use the pain/experiences of my past to overcome near impossible odds, now I want to help the country I love do the same. My heart leads me believe humanity is at a precipice, teetering between greatness and travesty…

I just want to give it a push in the right direction and prove how easy it is to be the change the world needs to see now more than ever.
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