Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Fictional Short film about an Indian soldier censoring letters during WW2 in Italy.

“Loose lips sink ships” was a term coined during the WW2. It was basically to advise servicemen and other citizens to avoid careless talks concerning secure information that might be of use to the enemy. And one way of doing so was to CENSOR letters that soldiers wrote to their families. Our story revolves around a Indian man who was in charge censoring letters while serving the British army who fought the Nazis during the Battle of MONTE CASSINO, Italy in 1944.


My short film ‘LETTERS’ is an exceptional story of a man who was in charge of censoring letters during the World War 2. The uniqueness of the subject set in 1944 ITALY during the war and the kind of letters written by soldiers to their families take us back in time during the time which was one of the darkest periods of human history. A story which is emotional and yet engaging will touch you deeply and I am sure you will be proud of it by being a part of it.


Such a subject dealing with Nazis and World Wars have always been a favorite at prestigious film festivals and for international awards whether it’s the Oscars, Bafta or the Cannes and my effort is to make the film of that standard and quality so it can compete at that level. And you valuable contribution to meeting the target money required will make it possible for me and my team to deliver standards of infinite excellence.


Hi! My name is Nitin Shingal and I am the writer-director of the film ‘LETTERS’. My journey as a filmmaker began in 2001 when after completing MBA from a top business school in India and giving a lucrative corporate job, I came to Bombay and worked in the film industry. During my formative years as a filmmaker I worked as an assistant on some landmark films and with the biggest production houses- Vinod Chopra Films and Yash Raj Films. I took a plunge to direct my own films and in 2007 I made ‘KINDLE’ a psychological thriller, which was selected and nominated at International festivals in Rome, Stuttgart, Karachi and Florence. I also worked on Advertising films and worked on writing screenplays for features. In 2016 I made another short film ‘RICE BOWL’ which was at the Short Film Corner, Cannes and has been selected for film festivals in Karakoy (Turkey) and Hague (Netherlands). It is still expecting results from a lot of festivals. Apart from this I am producing an English language feature film set in Malaysia in collaboration with a production house based in Singapore and Malaysia and working on my feature films script to direct next year.
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Nitin is an MBA who left a corporate job to pursue filmmaking. He started his career as an Assistant Director with top film productions house in India - Yash Raj Films and Vinod Chopra films. He directed his first short film ‘Kindle’ in 2007.  He has also worked on commercials and was second unit director for Television series’ Seven’ produced Yash Raj Films. ‘Rice Bowl’ is his second film in the short category. He is currently working on his feature film script and also producing a feature film.
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