Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Zero Project On Indiegogo

This Indiegogo project is about finding proof of the origin of the zero digit in India, the greatest innovation in human history!!

Join ‘Indiana Joan’ aka Dr Annette and her gang of Zeronauts on an exciting expedition to India to draw up a roadmap to go treasure hunting for the Jewel in the Lotus of Science and Technology: the zero digit. To date it is not known when, where and by whom it was invented. Yet zero and the central concept of emptiness holds yet more profound secrets.

While the immediate objective of the ZerOrigIndia Foundation may sound as abstract as the Interfaith Dialogue is concrete, things will become clear once its full scope is realized: When, where and who exactly innovated the zero digit that was to unleash revolutions in mathematics, science and technology over the centuries and drastically impact all of our lives? No zero digit, no Industrial or Scientific Revolution, no Information Age or Space Age. Just imagine, no zero, no computers, no Internet, email, Facebook, smartphones, no Indiegogo. And yet very little is known about what has been hailed as one of the greatest developments in human history alongside the domestication of fire and the invention of the wheel.

How ZerOrigIndia was founded

It was a group of close friends who after years of thorough preparation decided to pool resources in the ZerOrigIndia Foundation in order to facilitate academic research into one of the intriguing and unresolved mysteries in the world that has profound implications for them on that very day.

The founders also warmly welcome all new pioneer ‘Zeronauts’. They state “Don’t think of yourself as a ‘donor’, but claim ownership! ZerOrigIndia belongs to us all”

How the funds are planned to be used

The overall program has been broken down into manageable components with Camp Zero 2016 being our kick-start pilot project to be hosted at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (IITB), one of the premier research institutions in the world.

The first $40,000 crowdfunding target is required to defray costs incurred by the team of 10-20 PhD students and postdocs to draw up and publish the roadmap to be followed subsequently. However, the academic researchers to do the subsequent in-depth research until 2020 are not volunteers and must be paid the going rate. So the ‘stretch goals’ beyond the $40,000 target are $50,000-75,000 a year per qualified researcher (4-5). It is highly specialized research that cannot be conducted in any other way.


The ZerOrigIndia Foundation commissioned local Dutch artists to produce a number of special perks on the theme of the innovation of the zero digit in India, which include two original posters, a dance video based on our signature tune, composed and performed by a young virtuoso Indian-style violinist accompanied on tabla by a master musician — apropos the Indian theme. The perks as well as a number of introductory videos to the campaign may be sampled on their website: Dr Annette will also keep a regular blog to update you on latest developments while hot on zero’s trail.

Let’s make this possible. Learn More at

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