Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Win or Booze: The Game You Can’t Lose

A fun and unique drinking card game featuring 100+ cards! Win or Booze is perfect for having a few drinks with friends, old and new!

Win or Booze is a card game created by two college kids who got tired of playing the same simple drinking games with the same old rules. So we created a game that had a variety of unique rules that play out differently every single time while also allowing you to enjoy a good number of drinks along the way! Overall, Win or Booze was created to be a social drinking game that allows you to enjoy a great time with friends!

Win or Booze is the one game you can’t lose!

The game is simple, draw a card and follow the instructions. Each card has a unique rule on it that will task the player or players to do something. Some rules can be avoided by taking a drink, while others can only be avoided by finishing your drink.

In the end, we hope that Win or Booze will make any pregame, or even a friendly get together, more enjoyable than ever!

The Deck

The Win or Booze deck currently has 108 poker sized cards with more than 65 unique rules. As the campaign progresses and we get closer to our goal of $8,000, we will continue to create and add new rules for the final deck.

To see new rules as they are added, like our Facebook page which can be found here: Win or Booze Facebook Page 
About Project Creator:

Tyler Maroney

Just a college kid

who once had one too many drinks at a Taylor Swift Concert.
Link to the Project:

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