Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Supernatural horror set on a Scottish island in 1846 with Amy Manson, Conleth Hill & Alex Hassell.


On a remote island off the west coast of Scotland a heavy storm had hit causing a ship to sink. Three survivors row through a think early morning mist, lost and disorientated. The fog begins to clear and the Isle appears before them.

They soon discover that it is almost abandoned except for its four sole residents; an old harbourman, a farmer, his niece and a mad woman. These people clearly haven’t seen anyone from the outside world for some time and their reluctance to help the sailors is evident.

Once rested and fully recovered the sailors are desperate to leave and return to the mainland, but the promised boat never appears. One of them discovers a mass graveyard and starts to investigate. He learns of the murder of a young woman a few years ago and that since then the island has been cursed by a food plight, plagued by tragic accidents and shipwrecks at sea.

When his two shipmates meet with fatal accidents, the myth of the young woman’s ghost haunting the island leads him to uncover the truth while he battles for his own life.

Behind the Story & The Director’s vision:

The Isle is an old fashioned ghost story, it’s a supernatural horror with thriller elements and plays on the psychological effects of isolation and abandonment.

The script is loosely based on the Greek myth of Persephone and the Sirens. By turning it into a ghost story we’ve been able to create an original screenplay with a nicely recognisable and marketable theme. Setting it on a remote Scottish island in the 1840’s gives the film a sense of distant familiarity with its rolling hills, valleys and lakes, whilst also lending itself well to epic danger from the rugged landscapes and the remoteness of its location miles from civilisation, providing the film with a fearful backdrop for the deadly events.

It is a character lead period film but there is nothing in the language or story to alienate a modern audience. We want to transport you to this amazing, epic, island in 1846 but feel as if you know these people already. I work very closely with actors using rehearsals to fully discover every subtlety of every moment, very much as you would in theatre, to get the very best out of them as storytellers. Being this conscientious with them in their work has proven itself in our previous films with our actors being nominated and winning awards at festivals around the world and earning rave reviews.

I am also a very visual storyteller painstakingly using every tool necessary, without bringing attention to them, to make sure that every frame and cut is essential to the film. This will be my third feature length film and over the last few years I have learnt a huge amount of how to get everything I can out of a low budget, making it seem as if we had ten times the amount of days and money.

Visually I’ll be taking references from the Scottish paintings of the time, photos of island life in the Victorian period and I’ll also be bringing in a mythical element into it with nods to the Greek and Norse myths.

We are hugely excited about the future of The Isle and I think it will be one of those rare indie films that people come back to for years to come. With the cast and crew that we have and with the script and my ability as a storyteller, we look set to have a real gem that we can all look back at with pride.
About Project Creator:

Tori Butler Hart

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Fizz and Ginger Films really needs your help to raise the remaining part of the budget for our next feature film - The Isle. Cast already attached and raring to shoot include: Conleth Hill (Lord Varys in Game of Thrones), Amy Manson (Merida in Once Upon A Time) and Alex Hassell (currently shooting Suburbicon with George Clooney).

We already have 75% of our budget but need your help to raise a further £55,000 in order to go into production in September. Without you this film just won’t happen!
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