Wednesday 30 November 2016
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Spotlight real people doing good things! Spread the good…

We want to make characters in our game based off of real people doing good things. If we all do a little, we can make a difference.

Change the world one good deed at a time!

We have a mission.  We created a tranquil game that all will enjoy.  We want to make custom characters that highlight real people doing good things.  And, promote the good they are doing!

We all know the world is scary.  But, there are a LOT of amazing people who do very good things.  Why don’t we hear about these people as much?  Bad news travels faster…

It’s time that we, the people, start showcasing the good in the world!  And, we have a creative way to do that but need your help.

I formed a team of amazing people to develop and promote games/apps.  They come from all different backgrounds and a variety of countries.  Their talent is incredible.  Our mission is to create enchanting games that bring smiles to the faces of the players while promoting the good in the world.
About the Project Creator:

Christine Lowrey

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I come from a farm family and am very familiar with hard work.

I have been self employed most of my entire life as it made it possible to be a full time mom while earning an income.

I have come to love apps as they help my daily life. I have useful apps as well as games that make me smile.

I am a wife and proud mother of 4 boys and also have 4 amazing grandkids. My life is full of joy and love. I sincerely wish that for all!
Link to the Project: good…/

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