Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Music and All

Music and All is a music composition of original hip hop and lyrical content. Created to exemplify a masterpiece! #Artist_LR #LR

Music and All intends to be a smash independent hit. Packed with all original compositions. Artist_LR needs to have fundings that provide the quality desired to catapult this project into a new realm of creativity. Funding will cover studio recording sessions, mixing of sessions, mastering of sessions, cd prints, feature costs and a small portion of advertising. I plan on placing this project on mainstream websites in order to gain recognition as an artist and gain true grass root fans along the way.

This project will be my second piece of work and I am trying to improve each step of the way, whether it be sound quality, song orchestration or presentation- If you are a true hip hop head I will certainly do my best to deliver an up to par project and hope for all to enjoy!

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About Project Creator:

Robert Weaver II

The name is Artist_LR from South Florida, a lyricist with ambition to reach many via original constructed compositions.

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