Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Healthy, Beautiful and YOUNG Forever!

Use your FOOD as MEDICINE! Make your home natural! 2-in-1: Building & Cooking Rosa’s WORKSHOPS!

A vision of a simple healthy lifestyle named Rosa Mirabilis. It is about a natural house restauration and a laboratory of medicine food and cosmetics development. You are invited to taste and learn original recipes with wild plants in a beautiful and wild environment, fresh air, clean water, sun and earth organics – a magic realm in Maramures, in the North of legendary Transylvania.

The core of the project is consisting on 2 workshops dedicated to healthy cooking and natural buildings techniques. The perks offered includes homemade products with wild medicinal plants: spicy natural salt (made from mine crystal aromatized with medicinal plants), 100% natural fruits vinegar (apples, wild pears, rosehip, plums) with wild local herbs, and tooth mixture from natural edible ingredients + a healing recipes ebook

Help a dream become true!

Rosa Mirabilis Coalition for Holistic Healing is the expression of my love for Mother Nature! Her 4 elements - Earth, Sun, Water, and Air - can keep you healthy, beautiful and young for much longer than you think. A natural home surrounded by abundant vegetation; wild herbs, flowers, and fruits, as the best food and medicine ever - the vision of pure simplicity! Is this a dream meant to become alive? If so, only with your help!


Well, I want!

Rosa Mirabilis: Coalition for Holistic Healing

Anyone can be his own natural healer and use natural medicines like FOOD and HERBS in order to stay healthy, young and beautiful the entire life or to heal any kind of disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart etc.  Let’s join and learn together to achieve a holistic health for people and planet!


Roza’s House Story: A New Hat for a 155 Year Old Lady

Long time ago, on the hills of Maramures in Northern Transylvania, from wood, earth and straw a tiny cottage was built. Generation after generation was born, grew up and died in that small house. The family name of its owners was Florean (in Romanian derived from flower). By a coincidence (or not!) the last descendant who lived there was a woman called Roza, so the peasants named the house after her, Roza’s House. She bore 9 children still none of them wanted to stay there anymore. 20 years ago, after her dead, the house was abandoned and increasingly declined. Squirrels made nestle on its roof, wind took more and more from the straw and large holes have left the rain to penetrate inside. Wild roses and blackberry busheshave overgrown its porch. The whole area became the realm of wild animals. In 2012 I discovered this magic place and fall in love with Rosa’s House. I bought the property, aiming to bring the beautiful old house to a new life.


Some of my medicine food and cosmetics:  wild plants, herbs, flowers and fruits, vinegars and potions with clean spring water, slow raw processes

HOME MADE 100% NATURAL VINEGAR FROM WILD FRUITS: apples, pears, rosehip, plums, and wild flowers, slowly fermented for 3-6 months

A MIRACULOUS NATURAL MEDICINE, the favorite of Hippocrates, can tremendously improve your body, your skin and your hair


A laboratory for natural healing food & cosmetics

I wish to restore Roza’s House and to transform it into my home and laboratory for natural healing food and cosmetics based on wild medicinal plants and fruits that are richly growing on my land. I hope that the place will become a center of holistic natural healing and also a home for my beloved pets, 5 dogs and 6 cats, happy to finally live free in Nature! I cannot afford by myself all the restoration works and expenses and the house is in continuous degradation.

So, I plan to organize 2 workshops in the summer of 2017. This is the core of my project.Taste my medicine food - original homemade recipes with wild plants (herbs, flowers and fruits), breathe clean air, drink fresh water spring, learn to build with natural materials, and enjoy the beautiful  landscape for 1 week at Rosa’s House.
About Project Creator:

Georgeta Sandu

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My lifetime dream was to build a self-sustainable ecological household, opened to visitors from all around the world, interested to experience living in NATURE. 2011 was a year of big changes in my life: I resigned from a job in a multinational company in Bucharest and I bought 4 ha of land, an old house and a barn in a remote corner of Romania.

Ever since I quit my job, I have worked designing an ecological and healthy life style for myself and my family. I learned a lot about nutrition and natural cosmetics. I am willing to share my values with all Nature lovers!
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