Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Goin’ Sonoran

Bringing delicious Sononan-style, bacon wrapped hot dogs to Las Vegas.

Christopher’s dream is to open a café to bring the Sonoran flavors he grew up on to as many people as he can. Jack’s dream is to open a restaurant and make it a successful business.

We both want to be able to help our families and friends by creating a successful business. We want to give jobs to as many people as possible and to make those jobs good paying ones where even more people can take care of their families.

Do you think it stops there? No!  Our goal is to be able to take our company to a level where we can help our communities.

We have already invested time and money into getting our business off the ground, but to realize our dream we need your help. Knowing that we need to start small, our goal is to raise $7,500 to purchase a concession trailer and supplies before transitioning to or adding a storefront café.

Will you help us to make our dream a reality so we can help other people realize their dreams


Oasis Fruits & Dogs is a dream that two guys had, one living in Las Vegas and one living in Birmingham. The two guys met in Las Vegas at an event and became good friends. Little did they know that they had the same dream to be in food service industry.

Chris Carreon had thought about taking the Sonoran Hotdog and the Raspado to Vegas for several years. Growing up in Arizona he knew both foods very well. Jack Elliott a business man in Birmingham had always dreamed of a restaurant. Soon they realized they shared a dream to bring the very best food and service to people.

Early on the plan was to build a company that would help their families and friends as well as each other become successful. Also important to both owners is a deep desire to help the community and the less fortunate.

We cant wait to show how easy it is to run a company and help people at the same time.
About Project Creators:

Christopher Carreon and Jack Elliott

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Christopher Carreon, As a young kid growing up in Tucson Arizona I was lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing cuisine in this small city nestled in the Sonoran desert 60 miles north of the international border.

Jack Elliott, I grew up in the Southeast and although Mexican dishes have always been a favorite of mine, I had never tasted anything like the Sonoran hot dog until Chris introduced it to me. View Full Bio
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