Wednesday 21 December 2016
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BumpBan - Ingrown Hair Eliminating Wand

Our Revolutionary Grooming Device, Makes it Easy to End Pesky Ingrown Hair and Shaving Irritation.

300,000,000 + people worldwide who suffer from ingrown hair. If you’re an adult who’s shaved or waxed, it’s probable you’ve encountered ingrown hair. BumpBan is engineered to eliminate unsightly bumps and irritation caused by ingrown hair. Help give it a chance to launch on a national scale, providing relief to millions in the process.

Hello my name is Jesse, I’m a 33-year-old male and an outside the box thinker with a passion for business. At the age of 17 I took the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood when I started shaving. It was about a week later I discovered how ingrown hair could negatively affect a person. Razor bumps and irritation took literally hi-jacked my life, making me self-conscious and depressed, I had difficulty looking into the bathroom mirror.

At age 25, my dermatologist explained in layman terms exactly what caused the bumps and irritation.

He said “Imagine a bee stinger, when it enters your skin, it causes swelling, pain and irritation. The stinger is a foreign body and the above mentioned affects are the result of it. Once the stinger is removed the body begins the healing process and reverses the effects of the bee sting. your body reacts the same way to ingrown hair, if you free the hair from the skin the bumps and irritation will go away.”

That is exactly how BumpBan works. You gently rub it on any area you shave or  wax, allowing  it to gently free ingrown hair, eliminating the bumps and irritation. BumpBan does not replace shaving or waxing, it’s designed to work after the hair has been removed.

We’ve worked tirelessly on this, now after 3 years of development and another 3 more years of being tested and perfected BumpBan is market ready.

About Project Creator:

Jesse Payne

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Hello, I’m originally from the Midwest, and have called Florida home for over 20 years. I believe firmly in the ability for a small group being able to account for a large change.

This project means everything to me, and with everyone’s help I believe it will impact millions of lives. It’s not just a product it’s a gateway to increased confidence through a better appearance.

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