Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Find the Perfect Housemate with Housemate Ninja

Living with a bad housemate or not feeling 100% comfortable in your own home is pretty much a nightmare.

BUT…. The cost of living is expensive, and rental prices are skyrocketing.

So, if you’re looking to move out of home, maybe head to the city for that dream job, or just need somewhere to stay when you’re at uni, saving on costs by finding a housemate or leasing a room is ultimately the most affordable option.

Housemate Ninja makes the process of finding a housemate quicker and easier than ever before, by matching you to like-minded people and interests using our unique personality matching to match you to the most compatible result. You can specify exactly who you wish to live with and quickly match with those who meet your criteria, so you can ninja the perfect housemate.

Why is it Unique?

We are the first to use this approach of matching housemates in Australia and quite possibly the world! Rather than traditional job boards like our competitors, where you post your listing and wait for responses, this offers a supply/demand access at your fingertips so you can match to people who need and want to live with someone like you.

We’ve also integrated an awesome ‘ninja type’ functionality which uses psychological principles to match you based on compatibility. If you’re a hard working, organised planner, you probably wouldn’t get along too well with a go-with-the-flow, dreamer-type person, it would probably drive you crazy, right? Instead we’ve created ninja personalities you can choose to best reflect your personality, and if you’re still not sure, we have the coolest test you can take to find out your unique ninja type!
About Project Creator:

Kellee Morgan

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Kellee, who is the founder of Housemate Ninja, is based on the mid-north coast of NSW, and has a marketing and business degree.

Kellee has been an advocate for regional entrepreneurship and innovation and has helped to establish a local coworking space in her community.
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