Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Bring Back Phantom Harbor Webseries

Phantom Harbor centers on the exploits of haunted sea-Captain, Jonas McAllister and his fantastical crew including a hulking Goblin, the shrunken-head of a tyrannical Naval officer, a dancing corpse, and many more!

In the spirit of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Mystery Science Theater 3000, Phantom Harbor is a variety show that presents a through-story punctuated with features including spooky animated readings, fan stories and art, and animated music videos.


Much of the effects of Phantom Harbor are built, practically, however they are composited with the use of computers.  Although some of the art for the animated segments are hand-drawn, they are completely animated on the computer.  We draw no lines, or exclude any discipline.

“Don’t use a hammer to drive in a screw!” Use the right tool to tell the story visually!

We started as a simple concept and produced small episodes that primarily just featured the Captain and the Goblin, but as the scope of the show grew, we invited more of our friends to participate creating larger and more ambitious scenarios.  However, due to a misjudgment, we tore down the set thinking we might want to sell our house and move.

That didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, Phantom Harbor kept attracting people on the Internet and I kept running into people at conventions and on social media that wanted to participate and be part of the web series.

I thought that if I sold the project to Hollywood, I’d be able to build a studio, and help build a community of creative folks: animators, creature builders, character actors, musicians , writers, and effects people and furnish them with a fun project in an artistically nurturing environment. Unfortunately, the selling of Phantom Harbor came with too many strings and what would have been produced would not have come from a genuine place.

Lately, I’ve been working in between projects as a teacher of prosthetics, and Special Makeup Effects and I’ve met so many talented young people that would benefit from continuing their work and training while working on Phantom Harbor

I’m looking to do more than produce a few webisodes.  I’m committed to building a community of artists who will thrive during and beyond their contributions to Phantom Harbor.

About Project Creator:

Jonas McAllister

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I’ve been a working artist, primarily in practical creature effects for over 31 years in Hollywood.  However, for the past three years I’ve begun spending more time teaching both at Cinema Makeup School in Koreatown, California and on the Internet at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

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