Wednesday 30 November 2016
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BioGreenPC - A Green Approach to High Performance Computers

Boost your productivity with environmentally friendly BioGreenPCs. Perform 6 times faster, and save up to 80% on electricity!

BioGreenPC was designed by Network and System Administrators who have supported thousands of corporate computers and came up with the perfect combination of Processor, Hard drive capacity, data transfer rate and RAM requirements to meet every business and home user needs.

Aside from performance benefits it also features a power supply that saves 80% on electricity, making it the only true Sustainable choice for high performance computing.

Due to the success of our first generation BioGreenPC, we are moving towards the next generation with double memory and double storage, but we need your help to put it on the market at unbeatable prices.

“We couldn’t believe so much power and reliability could fit in such a low power use small size box”

“These are the fastest computers we’ve ever used”


  • BioGreenPC ships with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional edition, ready to join corporate networks. (also compatible with Windows 7 and 8.x)
  • It features sufficient fast USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth and is dual monitor ready.
  • A VESA mount is included to easily attach BioGreenPC to any monitor or TV.

Quick deployment

System administrators enjoy the ability to store hundreds of BioGreenPC’s in very small spaces which save storage and time for large deployments.

Our convenient packaging also allow technicians to deploy dozens of units form a single box without the need of carts or hurt backs.

Our boxes are not only eco-friendly but also reusable, they usually end up as office supplies storage rather than in the trash.

Deploy en less than 2 minutes per unit (3 easy steps)

  • Grab unit and accessories without digging through packaging materials.
  • Connect included adapters and power supply
  • Mount it on your existing monitor or TV or simply lay it on your desk, it looks awesome there too.

Productivity Booster

BioGreenPC boots in 10 seconds or less (boot time starting after POST and may vary depending on the environment) and will continue to perform the same for the years to come. Solid State Drive technology is our signature for all our computing products; electrical signals to write and read data will beat by 10 times the speed of regular spinning plate drives. Less boot time means less employee frustration, less cigarette, coffee and gossip breaks per shift.

Environmentally friendly

The pace of technology accelerates exponentially as more products become available, with better prices and better features as well as shorter release cycles. It seems like a win win situation for both producers and consumers, but what about the environment toll?

Yes, technology is a necessity and the only choice to stay in business is to stay updated and replace all equipment whenever is possible. But there is always a choice to make this practice sustainable:

As a Business Technology Services company,  we wanted to join the new green movements that are spreading around the globe and be able to educate and help business and consumers about sustainable choices for high performance computers.

We’ve been selling our first generation BioGreenPC units to manufacturing companies and business offices, where benefits became visible from day one:

Evolution of the Product

We started designing low power regular towers but were not satisfied with only a few savings; after testing aside from the amount of waste generated and high costs of packaging and shipping big volumes. We tried and built many prototypes, shrinking size and power consumption until we were satisfied with the most cost effective Super Computer: BioGreenPC.

It’s been almost two years since our first generation BioGeenPC is been in production for a few companies, so it’s time to scale it and make them available for all other responsible and successful Businesses and consumers.

With your help, we will be able to acquire components in large quantities to keep pricing competitive.

Whereas in today’s world every computer part comes from overseas, we are choosing to assemble in the US, employing local professionals to help our economy and guarantee good quality in the final build.

Our Kickstarter campaign is necessary to launch our Next Generation BioGreenPC, which will feature energy efficient 6th Generation Intel Processors, 16GB on Ram and 240GB of Solid State Drive.  A perfect combination of high performance specifications at prices that beat competitors with Green focus savings:

  • BioGreenPC owners will immediately see a decrease in their electric bill because it only uses 10 to 30 Watts per hour
  • BioGreenPC price tag is 10% to 30% lower than major enterprise computer brands with same specifications
  • BioGreenPC boots in just 10 seconds or less, which eliminates down time and employee frustrations

About Project Creator:

Miguel Jimenez

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In just two years, suburban Chicago entrepreneurs Miguel and Clementina Jimenez have built a strong roster of corporate, medical, manufacturing and academic clients for their technology services company, They’ve also developed a strong sense of how businesses are losing time, money and productivity because of their computer setups, and they’re out to change that.

Based in Naperville, IL. just west of Chicago, iEple (“eeple) has developed what it calls the BioGreenPC, a fist-sized device that can replace the bulky tower of a desktop computer. It boots up faster than conventional PCs, (just 10 seconds) and, perhaps better still, uses 80 percent less electricity. “In the three to five years that companies keep computers, 50 percent of BioGreen‘s price is paid for in the energy savings,” says Miguel JimenezView Full Bio
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