Wednesday 21 December 2016
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WAlert- The 3D Spatial Security Device for Home

A single WAlert can detect intrusion into a house without the installation of wired/wireless sensors


We at WataSensor are fundamentally changing the home security market by delivering a simple, low cost, true Do-It-Yourself (DYI)  security home device based on patented revolutionary subsonic frequency sensing technology.  The patented subsonic frequency sensing technology can detect subsonic sound below the human hearing (sub 20 Hz). This band of frequencies is normally used in seismographs to monitor earthquake. The unique aspect of subsonic frequency is its capability to travel  long distances and get around obstacles with little dissipation.

The WAlert™ is the world first 3D spatial home security device that is just plugged into any power outlet, easy to set up using Smartphone, and simple to use. It requires no installation, no monthly service, and no contract. The WAlert is based on a unique patented intrusion sensing technology that can detect intrusion into a house with a floor space up to 2000 SQ, without the installation of any wired or wireless door/window contacts or glass break sensors. Upon detection of an intrusion, a siren is triggered to deter the intruder, and a notification is sent over the Internet to the owner’s smart phone via broadband network. It’s a compact and streamlined device, can be plugged into power outlet anywhere in your house. It provides you a peace of mind, and seamlessly interacts with your Smartphone’s, and tablets over Internet anytime and anywhere.

WAlert  Key Features

  • No installation, no monthly service, and no contract.
  • Based on an unique patented subsonic frequency sensing technology that detects subtle physical changes resulting from the door/window openings from any directions with almost zero false detection rate.
  • Pet friendly and reliable
  • Plug into a standard power outlet anywhere in your house
  • Wi-Fi
  • Triggered siren to deter intruder.
  • Alert to user’s smart phones, and tablets over Internet anytime and anywhere
  • Support multiple devices per premise.
  • Free download client application from App Store and Play Store


All in One

  • Horn
  • Remote controller
  • Contact Sensors
  • Motion Sensor

The device is ready for production and distribute to consumers worldwide

WAlert Connectivity

WAlert is designed to be connected with a surveillance camera, telephone, and WiFi enabled devices such as thermostats, smoke detectors and door locks, and IoT platform to form a complete home automation and security system.


About Project Creator:

Danh Le Ngoc, CTO

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He was born in Vietnam and received MS in EE and CS from Technical University of Munich, Germany. I have more than 39 years of electronics experience in product marketing, product definition, applications engineering, and system design.

He has developed Java processor products, embedded DRAM based 2D/3D graphics accelerators, the embedded RISC MIPS processor, DSPs, bit slice machines, floating point processors, EDC technology, specialty memory, interface logic, color palette DACs, and microprocessor applications. He has managed software development groups, product definition, and applications engineering groups that have completed projects from concept through detailed implementation, test and product release. Danh has been granted five patents.Since 2012, I have worked on the 3D spatial sensing technology. Fundamentally I want to delivering a low cost, easy to use and compact DIY security device, which can help to protect 90% of homes that are not secured and provide a peace of mind at homes.


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