Wednesday 30 November 2016
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The Return | Terugreis

Things take a turn for the worse as a family is stranded on their way home after a holiday. Misunderstanding and mistrust take over.

The Return is a remarkable and easily overlooked film project currently funding on Kickstarter. In short it is a suspenseful road movie about the end of a family holidays abroad and on their way home they get stranded. All members of the family are getting into some kind of quarrel with one another and thing get out of control. The teaser shows us some clues of the ominous clouds above the unfortunate family, but since this is still just the teaser and not an official trailer, who knows what might happen? Worth mentioning about this film is the cast. Formed by the actual family of writer and producer Nils Vermeire, and with little to no acting experience, they will be up for quite an adventure together. They are flanked by a professional crew and and group of supporting actors. Each member of the young crew has its own bulk of television and film experience but they never worked together. Although the movie will be in Dutch and the set is located in the Southern part of The Netherlands and just across the border with Belgium, the makers have made it very clear it will be subtitled in English and they will apply for several international festivals. This might turn out to be one big surprise in independent movie making.

The Return is a story about a family of five driving home after their holiday abroad. Their car breaks down leaving them stranded in a small border town. The car repair shop is closed so the family has to stay overnight. Small disagreements get out of control, slowly tearing up the family. Every member of the family has different ideas about the situation and as they individually make their own decisions, things take a turn for the worse.


During his Method Acting class at RJB Studio, Nils wrote a short suspenseful scene about a real life experience for training purposes. After meeting up with Sander Nap, they decided to expand the scene and create a short thriller. Things got a little out of hand and the scene became a screenplay of over 40 pages. After going through a couple of options Nils asked his family if they would join him in creating the film. Even though some of them have no acting experience, they all agreed.

Cast and crew

Sander Nap is directing the movie. He runs his own, independent production company. The cast is formed by a family (Nils, his wife Odette, their sons Luka and Merijn and their daughter Dunja) with only a little acting experience. They will be joined by professional actors and performers in supporting roles. Quite a notable supporting actor is Joost Buitenweg, he was involved as a trainer from the very start during the Method Acting class at his RJB Studio.

The crew is a small group of young and highly motivated professionals. The camera/light team is formed by Koen and Nino who already worked together on several productions. The production sound is done by Ingmar, a student in his final year. Rik is responsible for the sound design. He has an amazing track record as an audio engineer and composer.


Music has always been an important part of the film. Film and music truly embrace each other and create an unbelievable experience. Therefore we really wanted to collaborate with musicians and composers during the making of the film. Olga and Jasper of To Twelve are a match made in heaven. They wrote the teaser music and most of the soundtrack during their own road trip around Europe in the summer of 2016. We fell in love with their sound and we know for a fact they will bring the best possible feeling to the film. Apart from that they will make their appearance in the film as well, making them part of both the crew and the cast.

Running without the ball (2015)

In 2015 Sander and Nils produced the football (soccer) documentary Running without the ball. In association with Ton Jenner’s Football Academy the film addresses the downfall of Dutch football. This documentary has won awards in Los Angeles and Hawaii. It was the first film Nils and Sander created together and the overall reception was very good.
About Project Creator:

Nils Vermeire

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Nils is an amateur actor, writer and producer who studied acting and method acting with a renowned Dutch trainer Joost Buitenweg in 2015 and 2016. He works together with Sander Nap, the director for The Return and his Media Production company In&Out Media. In 2015 they created a documentary “Running without the Ball” about the downfall of Dutch Football (soccer) for which they received two international awards. Nils has a wife Odette, two sons Luka and Merijn and a daughter Dunja. He is 43 years old. View Full Bio
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