Tuesday 29 November 2016
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The Joseph Pilates Fund

We are the United Pilates Teaching System and The Health Alliances Network; a US benefit corporation and health/fitness brand looking to further expand the Joseph Pilates method through research and scholarship.

The funds we seek is for these purposes:

1) bringing a coherent picture of the Joseph Pilates method, whether the exercises are described as classical or contemporary;

2) documenting and sharing research findings of the exercises to enhance the library of resource for this exercise and its teaching professionals;

3) turning those vital information into teachable syllabi that many more can enjoy and become professionally qualified in.

Our fundraising efforts will be continuous, because our project will be continuous. To start, we will expand the current talent pool to enable more programs to be distributed widely.

The Joseph Pilates Fund for Scholarship and Research is founded on the life works, accumulated over ten years, for the people and professionals involved.  The teachers who are and will assist and contribute to the Joseph Pilates Fund will retain and develop talents through this effort. Truly, that requires more than the modest $100k we are now asking to start this project.

The pilates exercise method was developed in the 1920s in New York — just to give you an indication that pilates didn’t go mainstream overnight — and there’s still lots of work to do to develop a modern understanding and preservation of the repertoire.  Moreso, there is still lots of information to bridge over the many types of sub-methods and lineage of the movement.

We’re here to begin the work of recording, restoring, and reconciling the methods into one holistic understanding under Health Sciences, because pilates has the capacity to bring fitness and wellbeing to people of various ages and physique.

Please consider this important piece of contribution to the study of the Joseph Pilates’ work, so that it would have its necessary and rightful position as a credit- and insurance- worthy piece within mainstream healthcare and fitness.
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