Tuesday 29 November 2016
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This is a documentary project about Chinese Mainland international students’ life situation at SFU.

Why StandPoint?

StandPoint is a sociological postmodern theory/approach developed by a Canadian sociologist Dorothy E. Smith, who claims that an individual’s perspectives are shaped by his/her own social experiences. I find this theory particularly fascinating and it obviously influences me a lot.

My name is Henry Freeman and my legal name is Wu Ruohao. I am a second-year theater student at SFU but I am determined to be an independent filmmaker myself. I come from Zhejiang, China as an international student. As I travel the opposite side of the earth come to Canada, I have no idea what kind of world I am about stepping into. And most of my friends and classmates are from China and we have no idea what we are stepping into even after a period of study years, and our way of seeing the world has changed in a way or another, which I bet most of us are changed in a very dramatic and impactful way. I am, at least.

I wish I can do something about it, at least discover as many stories as I can, and search for the good questions to ask, not only to ourselves as Chinese international students at SFU, or in Vancouver, or in Canada, but to those who have the experiences as truly feel the sense of isolation, and sometimes desperation. I want to know why…

This project is a far-fetch for me, but I am so touched by the fact that there are so many people willing to help me along this journey. I wish I can accomplish this project in a second by writing down all the stories and research I have and just share it in a click, but the truth is I can’t, because I am compelled to do it by shooting a documentary for it. I am, or I was a film student at SFU, but I don’t see that I am making the right choice for my life. It seems what I truly want is to tell a story in a truthful way, and this project is really what I want to do.

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