Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Sanguine Wastelands

In a nutshell, we are a band of misfits coming together to create an artistic apocalyptic-renaissance of sorts. A collaboration of the minds that dares to take the viewer to another world.

Leading the pack on a curious adventure into developing storylines and unique plots are the fantastic visions of AmbeRed Photo, ( ‌inspired by the creatively-insane genius of Jesse Lindsay ( ‌

On an earth ravaged by the world around it, our planet spawns new breeds of humans. A tribal clan of scavengers thieves and nomads called the “Wastelanders.” Wrought with anger towards their vampire brethren who betrayed their trust in the early years.

“Protect those you love and whatever you have left.”

The “Vampires” considered themselves as a  sophisticated, matriarchal society of bloodsuckers. Much more concerned with stature beauty and all things alchemy.

“She who carries the nectar of life… shall always be in its charge.” 

Jesse Lindsay created all of the wardrobes from repurposed materials. From masks and headpieces to masterful spears and warrior shields. Many an evening and sleepless hours into the dawn were filled with collective edits, fabrication, construction and brainstorming on the behalves of these artistic minds, in order to bring these fantastic visions to reality.

Jesse has an innate ability to find the most unique pieces of “would-be junk” and through a perfect storm of insanity, creates and molds these pieces into pure photographic gold.

His work has started a contagious frenzy in his followers and admirers alike. Through our personal networking and interactions, we’ve amassed a small army to embark on this new adventure with us.

After talking to Jesse about collaborating on another project following my last calendar release, I met with Jesse in January to get involved in this exciting, yet massive undertaking.

After Jesse had accomplished the daunting task of creating ALL the wardrobe for more than 18 contributing models in a 2-month time frame,  it was time to capture the images. The shooting process began on March 28th and will conclude on  April 2.

When I walked into Jesse’s house for our first meeting, I was blown away. He conceded that he had been making these items since December so he had a one-up.  As I scanned the walls with my eyes, Jesse introduced me to each piece, as I felt my mind melt.

The realization that this visionary tale we were both about to tell, was about to become a reality, was uplifting and exciting beyond words. 

I scanned our mutual friends and colleagues Facebook and modeling pages looking for just the right individuals to get involved in a project so big. I found the best of the best and that’s no joke. This calendar has biggest heart, talent, and creative cast that  Portland has to offer.

We have an opportunity to come together, people from all persuasions, all different backgrounds and create an epic calendar that speaks loudly about the diversity of the love and the drive we all have within. 
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