Tuesday 29 November 2016
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SAFE SHORTS - protection against rape

SAFE SHORTS - For all women in the world

In recent months, I felt still uncertain if I was jogging go. More and more sitting drunken young men in groups on park benches. Then, when the Events New Year’s Eve were known 2015/2016, it has given me and I just wanted to Belt only a construct around my waist, that no longer me - just like that - that pants can pull down. I went to the so-called. FabLab of Bottrop university and said that should scan me with your equipment and using 3D printer to two elements Strap-print to my hips. The staff told me there that it also determines were elegant solutions and introduced me to a - in Germany - very prestigious London Known qualified designer.

The birth of SAFE SHORTS!

We developed the last few months there’s no tomorrow. I always had an immense inner Time pressure, because I thought to myself: “Every day there is no such pants, can unnecessarily Rapes happen.” The designer was not easy with my impatience.

But it has worth: We have finally completed the last prototype of the SAFE SHORTS and serial production can start. From November, the shorts will be delivered to customers / inside.

The system is patent pending and it will soon also an underwear and his swimwear collection available.

There is no 100% protection against rape, but SAFE SHORTS is a big step in this Direction. I communicate that SAFE SHORS combined with mindfulness, Self-defense courses, etc. is useful.

How it works

Get in your SAFE SHORTS, pull down the ergonomically extending tear- and cut-resistant high-tech cords until the trousers fit. Fix the cords to the patented closing mechanism and to the 130 decibel siren Power alarm and lock the door. If someone pulls at your SAFE SHORTS, the alarm is triggered immediately and the pants can not be pulled down to you

The characteristics and advantages

  • Tear and cut-resistant high-tech cords (known from the production of bulletproof vests) to prevent the removal or pulling your SAFE Shorts
  • Flexible, soft protector at step prevents the intervention
  • 130 decibels loud siren alarm Power - discourages and causes a stir
  • breathable, hygienic, soft & supple
  • Machine washable at 30 ° Celsius

Our energy: All people in the world will know that there is SAFE SHORTS! Mir your support you help to increase the awareness of SAFE SHORTS and therefore possible to reduce suffering in the world.
About Project Creator:

Sandra Seilz

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My name is Sandra CABLES (41), I am entrepreneur, passionate runner and, unfortunately, has already been repeatedly molested during my training. I had just lucky that Unlike what has happened.

And I was always very careful and also had a Self-defense course completed. I’m never on the same routes, and never at the same time gone train.
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