Tuesday 29 November 2016
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PainKARE – Personalized Treatment for Chronic Pain


Relieve Pain From Your Daily Life

PainKARE is not just a medical device but a solution to acute and chronic pain. Combining with biostimulation technology, biosensor technology, mobile app, and cloud based analysis and diagnosis, PainKARE is to provide personalized treatment to home patient with fast, effective and optimal result.

To perform a pain treatment, user could simply power up the device and place it around pain area to start treatment. For fast and optimal relieving, user could use mobile app to browse online database for proper protocol to his/her symptom and download the protocol, mobile app will guide the user to properly operate the device and place the device to right position for an optimal treatment. The treatment logging, along with bio information, will be uploaded to cloud for further analysis and diagnosis. A revised protocol will be sent to mobile app to conduct next treatment if past treatments were not such an effective. Many chronic pains could be significantly relieved with a few treatments.

Different from other competitors and TENS device, PainKARE is not doing pain blocking for temporarily relieving. PainKARE uses biostimulation to promote self healing or self repairing to the injuries so the user could be pain free potentially. PainKARE is also using mobile app to guide user in operating the device to manage pain effectively, instead of operating device in blinded as traditional medical device did that could easily result in an invalid treatment. Those features could greatly benefit aged people from operating the device for an effective pain treatment.

The PainKARE is to lower down healthcare cost greatly by reducing doctor’s preliminary diagnosis and treatment. In future, PainKARE will introduce digitized diagnosis model to measure the pain improving index quantitatively so as to use cloud based machine learning to perform chronic pain management.


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TrioWave Technologies

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A healthcare technology company backed by a group of scientists and technologists devoting to develop innovative technology and solutions for people suffering from chronic pain. The company is located in San Jose, California. By integrating with biosensor, mobile technology and cloud computing, we are doing pioneer work in digitized diagnosis, machine learning, and biofeedback gathering to build up a foundation for future personalized treatment.


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