Tuesday 29 November 2016
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An indoor/outdoor environmentally-friendly solar heating system!

The Murcho is a solar-powered radiant wall. In addition to keeping you warm, it’s an attractive addition to your patio or deck. You can leave it on, day and night, all winter and summer long. As soon as you feel a little cold, turn on your MURCHO to create some heat, effectively and safely.

Murcho works through the hot sun ! It will heat your body to your wellbeing . It is beautiful and aesthetic on your terrace. You can let it run day and night, winter and summer. Once you have cold, turn on your MURCHO and you will be warm and safe.


MURCHO is placed wherever there is not the possibility of a heater inside or outdoors. MURCHO can also inform and repel pests (Lighting and repels pests surcharge)!


Link to the Project:–2#/story

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