Wednesday 21 December 2016
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mulleri wines boutique cellar


The goal is to build a boutique winery able to produce and present sardinian wines to an international clientele.

The wine, for our family, it’s a story that refers to the past. The grandfather cultivated the vine, and so the grandfather grandfather. Today, the tradition, we bring forward the story of our memory, the area’s assets, stories of an ancient island and blessed, Sardinia.

Myth and magic are intertwined in a corner of paradise, a gust of wind, sometimes impetuous and impulsive, sometimes sweet and caressing, intoxicated with the sweet scents of the grapes grown and processed with wisdom. Our products are the result of everything This, soft, enveloping, warm, fragrant. The commitment is to not ruin what nature perfect there He offered.

In Red Ash, Carignano in purity, we tried tastes soft avoiding high alcohol content and persistence of wood. We wanted a warm, enveloping, versatile, soft. In white, Vermentino purity, we wanted to enhance the fragrance and sweetness of the territory, with a product rich in aromas and fresh as the sea breeze and the breath of the mistral in a warm August evening in the magical island that produces it. Oil is nature lead the way, with its scents of fresh grass and artichoke and fruity taste. With the latest addition, Devil Deer, we wanted to offer an important wine, suitable to confront the big live Italian and French, maintaining our peculiarities in terms of softness and elegance.

Sardinia, a land of Carignano and Vermentino grapes, harvested from vines ungrafted island of Sant ‘Antioco and wisely worked with passion and tradition, is the element of connection between wine territory, culture and traditions. Land rich in history and art, the skilled craftsmen who work with wood, of artists and writers who have the their skills left a trace in the world, it is the main theme of our project.

The names of our wines were chosen deliberately to remind someone like Grazia Deledda who, thanks to this novel, “Ashes”, won the Nobel Prize in 1926 for literature, illuminating with this Sardinian culture. The use of the tissues of Suni to adorn the product, the wood of Orani to guard the bottle, the cork Berchidda to protect perfumes cleverly enclosed, are other pieces of art that have completed the kit products.

We continued our journey with Franco Nonnis known painter Sardinian with skilled hands and careful has told in an unconventional art through wine using colors and themes that express once Once the territory of Carignano, the heady red wine, and the gray ash and sand, which are born and grow the screws.

We have, in short, sought to bring the way we talk about wine, art and territory, merging in a unique all elements that are typical of our island; But we have projected to the future with suitable forms of expression to the international market.

“No, not even wine could ease the pain of those memories. However, he took the glass and drank crying. Yup, everything was ashes: life, death, the man; the fate that produced. He recalled that in the ashes hatching often the spark, the seed of the bright flame and purifying, and hoped, and still loved the life. “Grazia Deledda, Ash, 1904.


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