Tuesday 20 December 2016
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I love this one much more

“I love this one much more”. It is a short movie and tells the story of a man that intends to achieve its favorite drink to every trick.


“I love this one much more”. In fact, it is a short movie that we intend to make it for Coca-Cola and gift it to Coca-Cola. Surely you say with yourself that I don’t support this project. Why?!! Because you think this is an advertising work? Wait! Please don’t decide immediately. Sincerely, I have to say that you are wrong. It is true that the form of this short movie is teaser, but we want to make this movie because of using its support for next works such as short movie, comic book, music video, series etc.

Principally, making this work may be our launch pad toward our goals or its non-making may be like as a hammer that is beating on our head strongly and can stop us (for a short while only, because we don’t surrender).
Link to the Project:

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