Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Here’s what the movie’s about:

A dude comes home from work. It’s late…raining. He’s in a terrible mood.  He rushes to get the groceries out and locks his keys in the car. His wife and the kids are at her parents’.  What to do? What to do?  SALVATION…he remembers that he’d bought one of those little hide-a-key thingy that looks like a rock and you stick your key in it and put it in the garden or something for just such an emergency.  So he looks for the faux rock—not an easy thing to do in the middle of the night with no flashlight. He finds it. Sighs of relief.  He opens the rock to find…

No key. In its place, a small flash drive.

He breaks a window. Gets in his house. Fires up the computer and inserts the drive.

There are a series of media files. As he plays each one, to his horror, he realizes that they are of him and his family, and they are shot inside his house (using the hide-a-key for access one would presume) by an unknown intruder.  Some are during the day, some are at night, some while they are sleeping. As the video clips progress, he realizes that the intruder has begun to ACTIVELY participate in his life.

So these scripts…and I am a horror FAN. I grew up…let me tell you…my MOTHER took me to see Friday the 13th Part 3 while we were on vacation at a place called Crystal Lake (this is 100% true…as much as anything in a 10 year old’s memory can be)…I saw TX Chainsaw at a Drive-In that same summer.  I grew up in the age of the VHS…and pre-Blockbuster Video and every weekend my allowance was spent on renting horror movies.  Pieces, The Dorm that Dripped Blood, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, et al…. I tell you that to make you understand that I am not a newbie and/or easily shocked.  I saw Halloween before I saw The Apple Dumpling Gang.  I know  horror.

The scripts. They started coming in.  And I started reading and quickly realized that I may have gotten myself into something that I can’t get out of. Because these scripts are the most f***ed up things I’ve ever read (pardon my francais).  And now I have to make them.  I have to cast people and do the things to them that are in these scripts.

I have to figure out ways to do the things to these poor people that these sickos want me to do…

and that costs money.  The amount is negotiable but I always felt that Bowfinger was onto something when he said that all movies, cash in, cost $2,184.  So that’s what I’m asking for…if it’s good enough for Chubby Rain, it’s good enough for Hide-A-Key.

So here we are (face to face, a couple of silver spoons?).  I’m going to make this movie….Wanna help?

At this point (and we’re going to be adding more perks as we go), we are looking for peeps who want to see Hide-A-Key and are willing to put their money where their (sick) mouths is and commit to watching in advance.  And we’re looking to make that as painless (read: Cheap) as possible. For a measly 10 bucks you can watch the movie…that’s only slightly worse than On Demand but slightly better (or on par, depending on your location) than seeing at your local multi-plex.  And you can always combine your money with 5 or so of your friends and host a party…I mean, yes, that’s like taking food right out of my beautiful children’s mouths when you do that, but hey, ART exists to be shared.

So please consider Pre-purchasing a download or dvd today.  And we are committed to giving you the absolute most bang for your buck so everyone who gives ANYTHING will receive access to a multitude of kick ass behind the scenes stuff.

And remember….a friend of Quite is a friend alright.


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