Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Lady Liberty


For the first time, you will be able to purchase a Lady Liberty toy that really dances.

Although this project is not designed to create the next Oculus Rift, it has been created to bring something of joy to many people in this amazing county. Living in the United States brings an endless amount of opportunity, and this great country has given me so many opportunities for success. My name is Andrew and I have developed a brand new product (patent pending) that I am looking to distribute to the masses.


Below are the list of features we are putting into our lady liberty toys.


Your statue of liberty toy will be able to dance and move around on the podium. From left to right and all around, it will be one of the only dancing statue of liberties on the market.

Light Up

Your statue of liberty toy will include a light up tourch. If you are stuck in the dark at night, light up Lady Liberty and watch her truly shine.


Feeling unpatriotic? Your one button away from making Lady Liberty sing our nations anthem loud and clear for all to hear.

Lady Liberty, as seen in the video, is a symbol of the United States. So creating an interactive Statue of Liberty toy was a necessity to myself and our team. Features of the toy include the singing of the national anthem, her torch lighting up and lady liberty dancing.  The final product is obviously an item for children, but also makes a wonderful additional gift to loved ones on the Fourth of July, or any other time you may be feeling patriotic.

Link to the Project:

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