Tuesday 29 November 2016
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Help Paralyzed Kitten Walk Again!

This little kitten was tossed out of his home and has experienced some trauma. He was found dragging his back two legs. We are unsure what caused it, whether abuse or hit by a car, but we see so much potential in him. He’s very active and has a will to live. He plays and eats. Please help us give him a great life. We need help assessing his situation. From his initial vet visit, he clearly had open sores and the vet said surgery will not help. We need to be referred to a neurologist. Here’s the thing though, we need all of the money up front for his care. He will need rehabilitation. This cat is under the care of Jersey Cats and will be available for adoption once healthy! Please consider donating event a little bit.

We know this is not going to be easy but any bit helps, even sharing helps!

You can follow his story on @rukasthecat instagram but we will also be posting many updates on here too!

Link to the Project:!/

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