Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Boxed Indulgence specialises in gourmet gift hampers. We ensure that each hamper is guaranteed to make the recipient smile.

By sourcing only the finest gourmet foods, from around the South West, where possible, you can ensure that your gift is well received.

My name is Suzie Davidson and I own and run a home based Gourmet Hamper business, BOXED INDULGENCE, here in Busselton, in the beautiful South West of Western Australia. Gateway to the fabulous Margaret River wine region and beyond.

We specialise in gourmet hampers utilising products sourced from the beautiful South West Region and the greater West Australian area.

The South West is a leader in producing quality wine and food products, of which I am honoured to showcase in the gift hampers we provide to customers.

I also have a Confectionery business, LUV A LOLLY, which I also operate from my home. I supply packaged lollies to retailers in the area. This business is also is continuing to grow and take up space!

So as you can appreciate space is becoming an issue!

I have reached bursting point and need to start looking at other options.  After a great deal of thought, the best option I arrived at is to use the space in my yard and erect a building to suit my needs. In the long term it will also add value to my home.

So now I need help to finance the groundwork of the building to get this project on the road.  I will appreciate any contribution you can make to give “MY HAMPERS A HOME”  !!


About Project Creator:

Susan Davidson

Hello and welcome to Boxed Indulgence. !

I am Suzie, and I am the proud owner of this great Gourmet Hamper business.

Boxed Indulgence is based in the beautiful South West Town of Busselton, in Western Australia, and has been in operation since 2009.

Busselton is the gateway to the fabulous Margaret Rive Wine Region, which is fast becoming a leader in producing quality wine and food products.

We have tapped into this area to find some of the best products and are proud to showcase them to you via our gorgeous Gourmet Hampers.

Some of our Suppliers include: Morish Nuts, Margaret Rive Fudge Factory, Ogilive & Co. Artisan St Chocolate and Petra Olive Oil among others. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products that would suit our hampers.


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