Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Xtreme Champion Tournament Issue #3

XCT: Traitor a twisting action filled story where no one appears to be who they seem. Is there a traitor in Spartacus’s midst?

So what exactly is the Xtreme Champion Tournament? 

Format: Standard comic, full colour, 24 pages, Issue #3 of an ongoing series, limited to 2500 standard copies and 500 incentive cover copies.

Synopsis: In the year 2069, what has been uncovered in secret archaeological digs, transpiring over the last 50 years is going to rock the foundation of what we all believe. The remains of heroes, villains, monsters and creatures, that have long been believed to be myth or legend have been found. The remains have been used to create clones. These clones are caged, retrained and forced to fight in the most brutal sport in the world, the “Xtreme Champion Tournament”. This has become the most watched sport in history, and sees cloned fighters pitted against each other, as well as well known mythical creatures, for entertainment purposes.

Introduction: In issue #3 Baykok is introduced to fellow fighters in the maximum security prison, while Spartacus and Ragnar continue to build on their mutual respect for one another as fighters. But there is a traitor within the XCT which could see the whole organisation fall. Who is it and what do they want?


About Project Creator:

Shaun Paulet

A movie and comic book buff who over the last five years has taken his love of comic books and movies to create his own business COMICS2MOVIES. With extensive knowledge and experience in retail, sales and management he looks to make COMICS2MOVIES a great collectible brand like Gentle Giant or ACME.

Their first venture into the world of comic books is the Xtreme Champion Tournament, a action comic based on some of histories/legends most famous heroes, villains and monsters.


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