Wednesday 30 November 2016
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Wine If You Want To

WIYWT is a wine travel show hosted by NYC Sommelier Claire Paparazzo who will take you on a journey & explore wine.

The beginning of ‘Wine If You Want To‘ was a daydream after filming some documentary footage in Italy in 2007 & then taking my flip camera to the Loire Valley, France in 2010 to edit a short educational film for my staff while I was the wine director for Blue Hill in New York city. It also took many moments of personal reflection to convince myself “you got this”.

The process from there has been scary, thrilling, challenging, and educational to say the least. As of  November  2014 I took matters into my own hands after collaborating with several producers, I decided to get all my footage and start out on a different path- launching a YouTube channel called ‘Wine If You Want To’,where so far I have been able to produce 2 episodes. click on my link to learn more
About Project Creator:

Claire Paparazzo entered the New York restaurant scene at a young age while studying acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts; little did she know this would be the duality of her path for decades to come.

Claire has had the fortune of working with some of America’s top chefs starting with Larry Forgione, Jean-George Vongerichten, Tom Valenti, Dan Barber, & Rich Torrisi to name a few.

Claire started at an early age developing her palate & went on to study at the American Sommelier Association with Andrew Bell, and continues studying and traveling on a daily basis.

Claire has been a part of the Blue Hill family for almost a decade, first as a part of the opening team at Blue Hill at Stone Barns & more recently the Wine Director for Blue Hill in New York City for just under 8 years. She was part of the collaboration team for a private label wine for Blue Hill Farm & Hirsch winery. These unique relationships help keep her connected to wine & developing her skills at blending, tasting & using her olfactory senses.

Claire left her post at Blue Hill to focus on launching a wine travel show called ‘Wine if You Want To’ with director of photography Bianca Butti. Claire is the creator, producer & host of the show geared to making wine accessible to a broad spectrum of people. Claire is now still connected to Blue Hill because she is the Brand Manager for Barbers spirits. They have local gin & grappa that launched in NYC in April 2014.
Link to the Project:

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