Tuesday 20 December 2016
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The Void an audio series

An adventure is at your fingertips, all you have to do… is listen.


The content is an audio play series. The void is an original script inspired by the D&D multiverse. Here is an excerpt from the first episode that can give insight to the storyline.

There are three realms: Tymere, Marnk, and The Void. Tymere is the realm of life and creation, where all mortals originate. Marnk is the realm of dreams and death where all go to rest after existing, and finally we have The Void: once a realm of endless possibilities where magic and intellect reign supreme. Unfortunately, the mortals of Tymere found a way to tap this realm for its power and in their greed nearly emptied it. The leaders of Marnk responded to its brotherly realms call by creating three things: The Messenger, The In-between and the Shadow Beasts.

Unknowingly, Marnk’s creations began to go from helpful to harmful and spread like a plague of corruption. A corruption which sentenced four mortals and a shadow beast, into The Void. No longer a place of power the void became an endlessly meandering labyrinth, and as the realm began to collapse on it self a swirl vortex formed, slowly sucking the realm out of existence. As for the mortals and shadow beast, they struggle to get along with each other as they struggle to escape The Void.”


About Project Creator:

My name is Wendy Hoskin, Communication’s Analyst by day and Sound Designer by night as well as a single mother… So over all I am trying to be a super hero. I have been writing this story pretty much, since I was 12 and to finally find a team (which includes you!) that can help me bring this to life was amazing. Now, so I can finish my tale I need to give back to them!

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