Tuesday 20 December 2016
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The Choose to Cook Magazine

A magazine with proven strategies for improving your health with every single meal you eat, regardless of time, budget or eating plan.

Do The Majority of Your Family Dinners Come Inside a Paper Bag, Include Disposable Utensils or Require a Service Tip?

If you’ve been avoiding your kitchen because you can’t afford the time, money or stress of trying to feed a picky family “healthy” food, it’s time to break your knives and pans out of storage.

When was the last time you came home after a hard day at work, walked into your kitchen and thought to yourself, “I just can’t WAIT to cook dinner!”?


Perhaps your kids are in the living room, making faces at the broccoli they can see inside the grocery bags you’re holding. Your husband might be sitting at the computer next to the kitchen, hoping you don’t notice the pile of dishes he didn’t wash. And your thumb still hurts from the last time you cut it trying to chop the carrots up quickly because you were so tired all you wanted to do was flop on the couch and order pizza.

A pizza that your family would undoubtedly love, but that would set your husband’s heartburn off, add to the acne on your teenagers faces and make your jeans just that tiny bit tighter than they were this morning.

You know you should be cooking healthy meals for your family, but getting them to eat something that isn’t either slathered in gravy or directly out of a package is a fight. Even though you’re tired of seeing your health – and your family’s health – slowly slip away, meal by meal, you just don’t know what to do about it.

Like many other “Standard Americans”, you’re hooked on a diet that is literally killing you, and you were never provided with the skills to change it. Not to mention the budget you might need to be constantly providing fresh healthy food that is just going to end up in the trash as your family sneaks out to the nearest burger joint to get some “real food.”

If you could learn how to prepare a meal for your family – one that they would eat and rave about all night long – quickly, easily and within a budget, would you welcome the change in your life?

The Choose To Cook Magazine was literally MADE FOR YOU.

Trust me; I understand what it is feels like to be overwhelmed by the idea of cooking. Making dinner for one person can be hard enough, but feeding an entire family - with limitations on time, money, and tastes – can feel way too hard to be worth the effort.

I used to exist on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, fast food hamburgers, snack foods and carbonated beverages which varied in level of alcohol content. I ended up in the hospital because my body didn’t have enough actual nutrition to operate effectively.

My friends and family thought I was in fantastic health BECAUSE I could eat anything I wanted and stay skinny. But I was giving my body nothing real, nothing that it could actually convert into sustenance. There was no nutritional value to the food I was eating.

The really scary part of my story is that you don’t have to be visibly unhealthy to be seriously unhealthy. You don’t need to be diagnosed with some massive disease to be massively malnourished.

About Project Creator:

Monique Nelson grew up in a relatively healthy family. Nutrition wasn’t well understood or a significant educational focus, but fruits and veggies were plentiful.

Upon moving out on her own, her picky eating and lazy ways got the best of her, and in only 3 years of eating fast food and junk, she ended up in the hospital suffering from severe malnutrition.

She blames a total lack of understanding of the value and importance of food, and how best to eat it.

The next 10 years of her life was spent finding her way back to health and self-educating about nutrition.

She followed an omnivorous diet throughout that time, but at 31 years of age, the documentary Cowspiracy was the final straw in her resolve. She became a Vegan by the end of the movie and has never looked back!

Taking control of her life and health and falling in love with healthy eating has ignited a passion to prove to everyone that adding plant-based meals to their regular eating plans can be delicious, healthy, budget-friendly and delightfully satisfying!

She has teamed up with a collection of experts to help busy individuals and families make the choice to cook, and take control of their health and budgets through the process!

Monique is the voice behind the blog, Choose to Cook, the various social media accounts connected to it, and the creator of this magazine.

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