Tuesday 20 December 2016
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Petguard: Your new best friend.

Petguard warns you when your pets enter an area of your home where they shouldn’t be and helps train them to keep out of those areas.

Petguard is a sleek, innovative, new product, which monitors your Pets’ location within the home, and instantly notifies you whenever they enter a designated area where they shouldn’t be. Petguard empowers you to know where your pets are, and to consistently train them to stay away from areas where you don’t want them to be.

When you back Petguard at the “GET PETGUARD” level or higher, you will receive one Sentinel and one Pet Tag, and you’ll be ready to protect an area of your home from your Pet. You can also order additional Sentinels and Pet Tags, up to a maximum of 5 of each.


Petguard is finally here!

This product will help YOU train & manage behavioural issues in household pets even when you’re not at home! If you have behavioural issues that you can’t manage such as:

1. Pet’s wandering in places where they shouldn’t be
2. Scratching or damaging items in the house
3. Pets walking on kitchen benches
4. Searching through the trash can
5. Going too close to your young children (babies/toddlers)

This is a fantastic brand NEW product that will help you establish the correct rules & boundaries for you and your family.


Petguard monitors your Pets all the time, and warns you whenever they enter an area where they shouldn’t be, so you can remove them before damage is done, and train them to do what’s best.

With simplicity built into every aspect, Petguard works with you to keep your whole family happy and safe – two and four legged alike!


You can even set a schedule so that Petguard automatically switches from anaudible alarm, to an Ultrasonic alarm that only your Pet can hear.


The Ultrasonic alarm discourages your pets from staying where they shouldn’t be. This allows Petard to work silently without disturbing you. That way Petguard keeps working even while you sleep.


Petguard is built from the ground up on innovative, modern technology that keeps your Pets safe in ways that haven’t been possible until now.


Using Ultrasonic waves in conjunction with Radio waves, Petguard is able to accurately measure line-of-sight distances between a Sentinel and a Pet Tag to within a few centimetres – astounding accuracy for a wireless technology. Ranging works up to an 8 meter diameter from the sentinel, so you can protect an area, big or small.


Petguard is currently a fully working system, which has been tested and verified. All that’s left to do is add a few final features, and gear up for production.


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