Wednesday 30 November 2016
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17 year olds journey from online bakery to mobile food truck

Em’s Delights is a small local online bakery in Louisville KY. CEO, Emie (17) is working hard to expand her business into a food truck!

Not only does Em’s Delights just do cake products anymore. We have expanded! Now Em’s Delights will be selling modern and exotic pastries as well. Em’s Delights specialized in modern and unique cake and cupcake flavors, as well as decorations. However, that’s not all! Em also bakes delicious pastries such as vol au vents, éclairs, cream puffs, pies, cookies and tarts!

Decadent Delights

Here at Em’s Delights there is a flavor for everyone, however if you don’t see your perfect flavor I will create whatever flavor you desire!

Edible Works of Art

Cakes, cupcakes, and pastries shouldn’t JUST be mouth watering-ly awesome. They should also be a feast for the eyes! Check out my gallery of past client work. If you can describe a theme chances are I can make it for you.

Link to the Project:

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